Friday, December 8, 2006

Wednesdays with Warchick

If you've never heard of Warchick, you soon will. Aside from being fairly famous in conservative circles for her undying support of our military, she's a writer, an aspiring documentarian, and an Internet radio talk show host. (Not to mention, she's smokin' hot!)

I first had a chance to see the fruits of Warchick's labor when she submitted columns to my website, I could see in her writing a brilliant combination of intelligence, passion, and ability to articulate a position that is so rare in the world today. I've always been one to appreciate those traits in people, even if I disagree with them politically. Fortunately, I don't disagree with Warchick on that much, and if I did, she has friends in the military and could order a tactical strike on me at any time.

So, why am I mentioning Warchick on my blog? Aside from the tactical strike angle, she thinks highly enough of me to make me a regular guest on her Internet radio show, Warchick Revolution. I've called into her show a couple of times and apparently her audience thought I was pretty good, so I have a spot on her show on Wednesday nights. (I can't figure it out, either, but who am I to go against the will of the people? )

If you're interested in listening to Warchick Revolution live or past shows, it can be accessed through If you want to reach her page directly, it's at

Please give her a listen. She's smart, funny, driven, and entertaining to say the least.

And did I mention she's smokin' hot?

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