Friday, December 15, 2006

A Sign of the Apocalypse?

Not really. I'm not someone who automatically assumes that all Democrats are evil and, thus, are due nothing but my scorn. I will defend Democrats when I feel its warrranted, just as I'll criticize Republicans when warranted. My partisanship goes out the window when I feel someone has been done wrong.

And today, I'm going to defend Democrat Senator Barack Obama. The resident shrieking harpy of the New York Times Maureen Dowd wrote a piece taking on Obama. What was her main complaint with him? His relative inexperience in government? His position on the war in Iraq? His Presidential aspirations? Nope.

The size of his ears.

Obama took offense to Dowd's comments because he was teased as a child because of the size of his ears. Having been a child who was teased for being overweight, I can tell you those childhood taunts don't fade with time all the time. Some of those taunts stick with you for years and it's hard to overcome those emotional injuries, even into adulthood. Ask any child star who has had trouble with the law.

After a speech in New Hampshire, Obama had a chance to talk to Dowd about the jabs she took at him for having big ears. What was Dowd's response?

"We're trying to toughen you up."

Yeah. Making an irrelevant point that insults a sitting Senator will really help make Obama ready to handle those mean ole Republicans. Now, he'll just have to worry about the cattiness of those on his side. And that's really what Dowd's comments were. They didn't serve to help Obama at all. They were shallow, mean, and utterly unnecessary.

Just like Dowd herself.

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