Thursday, December 21, 2006

An Open Letter to "The View"

Dear Cast and Crew of "The View":

May I make a simple suggestion? I know I don't watch "The View" with any regularity, but I've seen enough clips of the show to offer some constructive criticism.

Could you do something about Rosie O'Donnell and Joy Behar, like...oh I don't know...drugging them to the point that they're unconcious and, thus, unable to do the show? Seriously. Whether it's O'Donnell mocking everyone from Donald Trump to Christians (from the ridiculous to the sublime, as it were) or Behar comparing former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to Hitler, "The View" has become "The Spew," not just because of the venom being loosed against some people, but because it makes me want to vomit with just how, dare I say it, bitchy the show has become.

From what I understand, "The View" was originally supposed to have a lighter touch to it, dealing with issues that soccer moms would have to deal with in their lives. But over the years, it seems different hosts have used their positions as hosts to attack anyone they don't agree with, such as feminist author Tammy Bruce. And if memory serves me, it was Ms. Behar who went after Ms. Bruce, her claws extended to try to draw rhetorical blood. It may give Ms. Behar a chuckle or warm the cockles of Ms. O'Donnell's heart, but is it good television?

If you look at the ratings, the answer is yes. Since O'Donnell's arrival as co-host the ratings have skyrocketed. But is that because people like Rosie, or is it because they're waiting for the next train wreck caused by her mouth? A recent poll ranking the most unpopular talk show hosts on the air right now has Rosie ranked 5th, so I'm guessing it's not because she's beloved.

Simply put, "The View" needs to be revamped, and an O'Donnell-Behar-ectomy is just what the doctor ordered. But since they both have contracts with ABC, give them their own morning talk show. And I have just the name for it.

"The Shrews."


Thomas Lindaman

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