Monday, December 4, 2006

Hillary in '08...Maybe

Well, it's official.

After years of speculation and rumor, Hillary Clinton has finally come down off the fence and is seriously considering running for President...maybe.

Wow, Hill. Way to break the suspense there. I haven't seen this much indecision since Paris Hilton last took a multiple choice test. And the thing is it's all FAKE! Hillary wants to be President and said as much since the days she was "co-President" with the Commander In Briefs, Bill.

This is something she's wanted to be since she was a child, but she couldn't just jump into the fray. She's had to bide her time and try to build up support and credibility for a run. Let's face it, as much positive PR as Hillary's gotten, she hasn't really done that much. Lawyer for the Children's Defense Fund? Not that well known. Lawyer at the Rose Law Firm? Bad memories associated with that, so it would be best left alone. First Lady? Impressive title, but really not as functional for a run at the Presidency.

Then, we get to her most recent accomplishment, Senator from New York. As Senator, Hillary has done what many people at her level do: not much. Although I can't blame her for following the leads of Ted Kenendy and John Kerry, the lack of action doesn't scream to people, "I'm qualified to be President."

Maybe it's my political leanings saying this, but it seems that Hillary's Presidential resume is a bit on the padded side. She has the titles to give the impression of competence, but not the all-important functional knowledge. Even with a media that will put the best spin on her, you can't hide incompetence. I'm living proof of that.

So, Hillary's fake indecision may be a way for her to test the waters and see who will back her for President. In the meantime, we will enjoy the spectacle of watching Hillary appear decisive about thinking about running for President.


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