Monday, December 25, 2006

One More From the Road

Well, I'm in the process of packing up my things and heading back to Des Moines after a fun-filled few days at my parents'. Although we didn't get snow for Christmas, I don't mind it because snow on the ground means snow I'd have to drive through to get back to Des Moines.

Am I disappointed that I didn't get a white Christmas? A little. Bing Crosby aside, having snow on the ground or even just coming down at Christmas is magical. On a cold winter night, when the sky is clear and the air is crisp, it makes the world peaceful for a little while, if only in your mind. Winter isn't over by a long shot, so I'm sure I'll have one of those moments soon enough.

Christmas isn't about disappointments, though. It's about promises fulfilled. We remember to celebrate Jesus's birth, but we don't think about it in a larger context. With His birth, Jesus made God's covenant binding. Jesus would walk the Earth and be sacrificed to save all of us. That's beats a Wii any day of the week. Think about the implications of that one sacrifice. If you need help, read the oft-quoted John 3:16 and let it sink in. How many people do you know who would give up someone dear to save humanity both in the present and for generations to come? I can't think of any, but God did and he did it out of love.

If you're not a Christian, the message of promises fulfilled also applies. Right around the corner is New Year's Eve, when we can all reflect on the past year and make plans for the new year. Some of them, like losing weight, are tougher than others. But many of us still do it because we believe in the power of promise and redemption. We believe we can change for the better because...we have faith.

Bridging the gap between Christians and non-Christians in a single blog post. Cool.

Well, I'd best get back to packing up and driving. I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Belated Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Boxing Day, and for the politically correct amongst you... MERRY CHRISTMAS. :-)

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