Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hometown Boy Does Good

I had the occasion to go to my hometown church this morning. It's always weird for me to come home to visit my parents because I'm caught between two worlds, for lack of a better term. Some people remember me, while others don't or haven't met me. That gives me a level of simultaneous fame and anonymity. Like I said, it's weird.

But until today I've never really thought about why it's weird. You might not know it if you've read my stuff, but I'm really a humble guy who sees himself as just an average person. I've had some pretty amazing things happen, but I firmly believe I'm not really all that special. I have gifts, sure, but they aren't singular to me. There are people out there who do what I can do, and a lot better than I do it. Knowing that keeps me from becoming an egotistical monster.

On the other side of the coin, though, is an understanding of my gifts with the spoken or written word. It takes a lot of courage to put anything out there for public consumption, especially when what you say can be criticized for one reason or another. It's not as courageous as pulling people out of a burning building or being a police officer, mind you, but it's not something for the faint at heart. The fact that I can express myself and do so without being concerned about the slings and arrows of anonymous pot shots is pretty special.

In the end, though, I'm just happy that people remember me at all. Oh, and the fact my parents didn't change the locks.

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