Monday, December 4, 2006

Reason #128 Why I'm Not A Republican

In a move that shocked more than a few people. U N. Ambassador John Bolton resigned today because he couldn't get the votes to be confirmed in the Senate. And after I went to the trouble of writing a column about why Democrats should confirm him, no less!

Seriously, there are a lot of people to blame for Bolton's resignation. First and foremost, I blame George W. Bush. After getting him appointed through a recess appointment, Bush kinda let him go off on his own. On the one hand, this gave Bolton a chance to show what he could do on the global stage, but on the other, it didn't serve him very well when he was left alone for the wolves to fend for his job. Bush has a problem in that he ignores people he no longer needs or thinks he no longer needs. Bolton is just the latest to see that side of the President.

Certainly, someone else who comes to mind is Lincoln Chaffee, the Republican Senator who could have brought Bolton's nomination to the full Senate. Instead, Chaffee said he wouldn't let Bolton have a full Senate vote because he didn't feel the votes to confirm were there. They may not have been, but that's no excuse to sit on Bolton's nomination. Besides, Chaffee's on the way out, thanks to the electorate, so it's entirely possible he wanted to flex what little muscle he had left to screw Bolton, Bush, and the country.

Finally, the Senate Republicans should be blamed for the Bolton fiasco. They hold the majority in the Senate until January 2007, and they did nothing to help Bolton's case. Not a pro-Bolton campaign. Not a speech to defend his work at the U. N. Not even an email. The Senate Republicans let us down by not sticking up for Bolton. Now, we'll have to go through another confirmation hearing, this time possibly run by Democrats if the Republicans drag their feet until their winter recess. And if you thought the last batch of confirmation hearings was bad, wait until it's the Senate Democrats running the show. It will be a five ring circus with three of them just being Ted Kennedy.

And the sad thing is Bolton has been the best Ambassador we've had in a while. Now, he's gone and we're left without a strong voice in the U. N.

Brilliant move, Republicans. Just absolutely flipping brilliant.

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