Monday, November 27, 2006

Think This Will Be Front Page News?

Remember how former Vice President and self-professed creator of the Internet Al Gore predicted this year would be a bad one for hurricanes because of global warming? Well, hurricane season ends Thursday, and we saw a whopping FIVE hurricanes. And not a one of them reached Category 4 or 5 for the first time since 1997. In other words, Gore was wrong.

And people take him seriously as an environmentally-minded politician?

For those of us who have paid attention, it's not that surprising. Gore's reputation as an intellectual is more smoke and mirrors than facts and reason. I decided to read his first book Earth in the Balance and make notes in the margins with all the questions I had, using a little more than a high school education in science. By the time I got through the first chapter, I had more questions than Gore could provide. But he had the "we're all gonna die" rhetoric cranked up to 11.

Then, Gore returned to the scene with An Inconvenient Truth, a book and documentary about global warming. I like good science fiction as much as anyone, but I just couldn't plop down the money to see Gore's film in the theaters, mainly because I knew what it would be like: more "we're gonna die" rhetoric cloaked in half-truths and ominous predictions by impressive-sounding scientists who agree with Gore.

Yet, for all of Gore's alleged scientific credibility on the matter, he was wrong with his hurricane predictions. And I'm not talking about a little off. I'm talking five Cat 3 or weaker hurricanes in this past year after predicting a spike in the number of strong hurricanes.

Ouch. Sucks to be wrong, doesn't it, Al?

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