Friday, November 24, 2006

A Plea for Sanity on "Green Friday"

Today is "Green Friday" (also called "Black Friday") because of all the post-Thanksgiving sales that are going on. People will be mobbing stores and malls trying to get a great deal on holiday presents or just personal items. Having seen the chaos that accompanies "Green Friday" the past two years and the pre-Green Friday chaos that accompanied the release of the PlayStation 3, I have one thing to say. No gift is so important that you have to knock down somebody or trample them to get it. You may think it's the "perfect gift," but the holidays aren't about "the perfect gift." They're about reconnecting with those things that mean the most to you: family, friends, your faith. And if you believe material goods are more important than those things, you have more serious problems than finding "the perfect gift." I'm as much of a capitalist as anyone, but even capitalism can't replicate the feeling of peace, love, and good will towards men that the holidays create naturally. Just show some of that today, wouldya?

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