Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is Reaganism Dead?

New York Senator Charles Schumer stopped by the New York Daily News recently and sat down for an interview. Among the comments he made, he crowed about what he saw was the death of the ideals of Ronald Reagan. Here are a couple of his comments for your review:

We're in better shape than [Republicans] are, because they don't realize that Reaganomics is dead, that the Reagan philosophy is dead.... We realize that New Deal democracy, which is still our paradigm, which is sort of appeal to each group...that doesn't work anymore.

The old Reagan theory which dominated --- which is, "Government is bad, it's out of touch, chop off its hands as soon as it moves." --- is over.

Hmm...and it doesn't sound like he's too sad about it.

Some would say Schumer has a point, given the recent election results and how Republicans in power have strayed away from Reagan's principles of smaller government. But let's take a closer look at the facts.

I've seen many Republicans who are upset with the spending the Republican-controlled Congress did on more pork than a high rise pig farm. I've seen more than a few Republicans and conservatives question some of the actions taken on behalf of national security. I've seen Republicans and conservatives support a war in the Middle East to bring safety to the world, in spite of the criticisms of people like Schumer. I've seen Republicans and conservatives support tax cuts, which has been proven to stimulate the economy more than raising taxes does.

And what did Reagan do?

- tried to rein in Congressional spending
- did his best to strike a balance between national security and personal freedom
- take on the Soviet Union and win, thus taking out a nuclear superpower and making the world safer in spite of the Democrats saying Reagan would "destroy the world"
- cut taxes, which stimulated the economy

Hmm...sounds to me like Reaganism and Reaganomics are still alive and well and living in the hearts and souls of Republicans and conservatives. And let's not forget that Democrats proclaimed the death of Reaganism when Bill Clinton was elected. Then, we had George W. Bush, who tried to fit the Reagan mold as best he could and succeeded far more often than Schumer would care to admit.

Maybe Schumer should be more concerned about his own party's factionalization, which really could destroy the Democrats as we know them, before writing eulogies for concepts he disagrees with and most likely doesn't understand.

Nah. That would require more sense than sanctimony.

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