Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Thin ISN'T In?

The New York fashion world is taking a look at their models, but in a different way. To duplicate their European peers, they're starting to set guidelines about how thin their models are.

Before you dismiss this as frivilous, think about it. Many models today are dangerously thin, and they do as much as they can to stay that thin. After all, the fashion world is cutthroat. Any model who is older or fatter is in danger of losing his or most often her job.

Now, there's a shot we might actually see models that better represent the way most people look. As I'm sure you've heard in the media, America is fighting an obesity epidemic. Yet, what do we see? Thin models on magazine covers! Talk about a disconnect!

There is another benefit to the fashion world coming to grips with the thin models they use. For decades, impressionable young women have starved themselves to try to emulate the models they see in magazines and the female stars they idolize. This creates a twisted perception of ideal body image and puts these young women in danger. With more realistic models, this can save any number of girls from unhealthy and potentially deadly eating disorders. That alone is worthy of praise.

For once, the world of style has some substance.

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