Thursday, January 4, 2007

Nothing for Something

When the Democrats took control of Congress, something odd happened.


For all the gloom and doom predicted from the right about what would happen when Democrats would take back Congress, today's first day was...boring. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gave a big speech about breaking the "granite ceiling" and how "daughters and granddaughters" would benefit from her ascension. Keith Ellison got swore in using the Koran and God didn't smite us. And the "first 100 hours" started with a lot of fanfare, but not a lot of action.

Could this be a sign of things to come? Are we going to be treated to big promises and little accomplishments? Hey, it's DC. Of course we're going to be treated to that.

Pelosi promised more cooperation and less partisanship. Personally, I hope she makes good on that promise because we've seen the divide between Democrats and Republicans get wider than Steven Tyler's mouthguard. It's not hard to see that we need to close that divide, and a change in leadership at the Congressional level might just be the catalyst.

Then again, the Democrats might just go the other way and stick it to the Republicans, like the Republicans stuck it to them for 12 years. And let me tell you, if the Democrats do that and the Republicans complain, they're both hypocrites. Let's not forget it was 2004 when the Democrats proposed a "Minority Party Bill of Rights" to the Republicans that got rejected. Now, Republicans are doing the same, and from the way it sounds, Democrats will reject the new version.

In other words, nothing changed, and nothing will happen.

And the Democrats ran on a platform of change?

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