Monday, January 15, 2007

Democrats Are Time Lords!

Well, not really, but they have been playing fast and loose with the concept of time lately.

First, there's Nancy Pelosi's "first 100 hours" pledge. When she was campaigning on behalf of Democrats, she promised Americans that she would bring six key pieces of legislation to a vote in the House within the first 100 days. Then, once Democrats got control of the House, they spent a lot of time...not fulfilling Pelosi's pledge. By her own standards, she's accomplished about half of her goals in 20 hours because she's not counting hours when the actual business of legislation goes on. Ah, but in real time, taking out weekends and time when Congress isn't in session, it's closer to the 100 than it is to the 20.

Then, there's Steny Hoyer's demand that House members work a full work week. All fine and good, right? That is, until there was a major football game on the Monday after they took power...and Congress took the day off. Wow! No word on if they worked that Saturday to make up for the day off they took.

I got to thinking about these situations and what they mean from a larger sense. Certainly, the Democrats can't be hypocrites or liars because they came to power on the back of them being different than the Republicans. So, there's only one logical explanation.

They are time travellers.

It's entirely possible that Nancy Pelosi has a TARDIS, the time travel machine used in "Dr. Who", in her office so that when something important has to be done, she jumps into it, sets the controls, and goes backwards or forwards in time to make sure it gets done. It's the only way.

Then again, there are people who think Al Gore is an environmental scientist and Michael Moore makes documentaries, so maybe I'd better just stick with the liars and hypocrites explanation.

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