Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cultists vs. Deniers

The global warming debate has always been somewhat personal to some people, but lately the people who believe man is responsible for rising temperatures have taken it to a new level. Several, including Robert Kennedy, Jr., have suggested or even said that anyone who doesn't believe that global warming is real and that man is causing it is akin to Holocaust deniers. In fact, they've started calling global warming skeptics "global warming deniers" to underscore the connection they're trying to make.

Listen, I know you mean well and are trying to show how concerned you are about the status of the planet, but resorting to suggesting people who aren't with you are like David Duke and President Imadinnerjacket is assinine. Reasonable people can disagree on an issue like this, especially when you consider that the matter of whether there actually is global warming hasn't been settled yet. Most scientists agree that it is, but there is still convincing evidence that hasn't been explained away yet. Isn't science about trying to find what we believe to be the facts by looking at the available evidence?

Really, this is nothing new from the faux left. Whenever they believe someone is conserative and, thus, wrong, it's only a matter of time before the Nazi references start flying. To me, it's a sign of the intellectual weakness of their arguments, but it serves another purpose. The faux left thinks of itself as ultra-moral beings who have to save the world from itself. In short, they think they're all Superman and anyone who doesn't agree with them is Lex Luthor.

The problem is I've been following the global warming issue since the early 90s and I've found a number of disturbing trends from those who believe global warming is manmade. Namely, a lack of facts. Time and time again, those who think man is responsible for global warming have been presented with facts that contradict their opinions...and each time they cling to their position, getting more and more shrill in the process. That's why I've started calling people like that Global Warming Cultists because they cling to their notions, no matter how many times they've been disproven, like it was a religion.

Besides, the attempt to link Holocaust deniers with global warming skeptics falls flat. We can find evidence that the Holocaust happened. As of yet, we haven't truly determined with any degree of certainty that global warming is happening. And, no, there is no consensus on the subject, contrary to what the Cultists say.

But let's take it down another alley, using the logic being pushed by the Cultists. They say anyone who denies the reality of global warming is no different than someone who denies the Holocaust exists. Ah, but who was responsible for the Holocaust? That would be the Nazis.

What group sought to undermine or publicly discredit anyone who disagreed with them? The Nazis did that, certainly.

What group resorted to propaganda films to underscore the message that they were the superior creatures? If you said "Nazis," you would be correct.

What group considered anyone who opposed them to be imperfect creatures, not worthy of the least bit of respect? The Nazis.

What group's ideology promoted the state dictating to private industry how it was to do business? Chalk up another one for the Nazis.

Now, for the twist. Everything I've mentioned was not only done by the Nazis...but is currently being done by the Global Warming Cultists.

Class dismissed.


a friend said...

uh-oh a sane and reasonable commentary- better watch out - they'll come and gitcha!

a friend said...

And now those Nazis known as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have spoken again. When will they learn that we're smarter than they are and recognize their total lack of any real facts or science? They're entitled to their OPINIONS but we'll never let them destroy our economy because of their silly fears. We're too smart for that :-)