Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who I'm Endorsing for Republican Nominee in 2008

I've finally come down off the fence. After much soul searching and deep thought, I've decided who I will support to be the Republican Party's nominee to be President.

John McCain.

Do I agree with his politics? Nope.

Do I think he's qualified to be President? Absolutely not.

Does he strike me as being a leader on foreign and domestic issues? Nah. In fact, I think John McCain being elected President would be the biggest mistake in our history. So, why am I supporting him?

For a while, I supported Fred Thompson. He dropped out of the race. Then, I supported Rudy Giuliani. He dropped out of the race. Being the smart guy I am, I noticed a pattern forming: the candidates I support drop out. So, if I wanted to keep John McCain out of the White House...I had to support him.

With that, I firmly throw my support behind John McCain for the Republican nomination and the Presidency! Go Big Mac!!!!!

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