Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stopping Global Warming In Two Words

Former Vice President and current blowhard on global warming Al Gore came out last week and said the damage from global warming is worse than anticipated. This sentiment was echoed by another celebrity on stage when Gore made this statement, Chicken Little.

Seriously, do we need more global warming talk when much of the nation has been experiencing dangerously cold temperatures in the past week or so? Seriously, does Al just not have the Weather Channel where he lives? And he should, considering he took the initiative in the creation of it, and I think he might have taken the initiative in the creation of weather in general, too.

As much as Al loves to talk about possible solutions to the impending global crisis, there's one he and his ilk haven't considered: enlightened self-interest. In short, people will tend to do what is best for them in the long run if given a choice because we all think we're the best thing since sliced bread. That, in turn, works out better for others, who are interested in themselves and will also seek out the best for them in the long run.

What does that have to do with global warming? Two things, really. First, enlightened self-interest would make it possible for people to want to combat global warming once they believe it's in their best interests. Remember when hybrids first came out? The demand for them wasn't too great...until oil prices shot up. Then everyone wanted a hybrid to cut down on the amount of money they were spending at the gas pump. That, gentle reader, is enlightened self-interest. The people who bought up hybrids did it to save money, but they also saved the environment as a secondary benefit.

Second, enlightened self-interest will tell you all you need to know about Al Gore and his crowd. Think about it. If the planet was really on the brink of an ecological disaster, enlightened self-interest would encourage people like Gore to consume less and conserve more. Yet, what is Gore doing to reduce his "carbon footprint"? Riding in private jets that guzzle gas like Ted Kennedy guzzles scotch, riding around in lines of cars to attend movie premieres and accept awards, and owning multiple mansions that use up the goods of the earth without giving much back. That alone should tell you Gore's full of hot air!

Instead of letting Gore and his friends dictate to you how you should live your life, think about what's best for you. Then, let enlightened self-interest take over. You'll do more to help the environment than Gore ever will.


FatTommyIsAFaggot said...

If people always practiced enlightened self-interest, you and millions of other lazy pigs would not be morbidly obese.

Aelychra said...

If people always practiced enlightened self-interest, you, anonymousclonerretardpieceofcrap, would not parade their assinine stupidity for the world to see. You? We point and laugh and hand you your helmet.

Aelychra said...

On the global warming issue, I agree with what Prince Charles did to reduce his footprint at a recent summit on the topic. He "attended" via a 3-D hologram image of himself while he sat home in his jammies sipping tea and nibbling on Camilla. (was he really in his jammies? We'll never know.) The point is, there ARE ways Al Gore and his ilk could stop being hypocrites and actually practice what they preach. Until they do, people aren't likely to pursue enlightened self-awareness on a subject they see others as dismissing by their actions. Actions do, indeed, speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...


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TLindaman said...

A Pathetic Piece of Monkey Crap said...
If people always practiced enlightened self-interest, you and millions of other lazy pigs would not be morbidly obese.

January 26, 2008 11:34:00 PM CST

People don't always practice enlightened self-interest. You still clone people in the Podium and then IM people to swear at and lie about them, after all. :-)