Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Special Guest Blog Entry

This is from my good friend Stella Rondo. Enjoy!

Rightly Blaming the Victim

Unless something changes, it appears that all that remains for the coronation of Hillary Clinton as president is placing the crown in her head. I know that thought strikes something akin to nausea, dread, and panic in the hearts of all conservatives, many moderates, and a lot of right-leaning independents. I know it does me.

But here's the bottom line. If Hillary wins this election, it won't be because this Machiavellian she-wolf is so capable. It will be because we conservatives let her win.

What's this, you say? You're blaming the victim?

Yes, I am. The slow erosion of our culture and of our country's basic principles by the left has been no secret over the past number of years. The left is nothing if not predictable. We have always known that they are, in spite of their occasional veers into faux support of the troops and feigned angst at excessive government spending, all for a weakened socialist America. It's WE who have given up the ground in the blind hope that a) maybe they'll like us, b) maybe they'll stop, and c) it really can't happen here.

Well, they won't like us and they won't stop and you better believe it could happen here. And the more conciliatory and timid we act, the more they will take advantage of our weakness.

We keep hearing how America is basically a conservative country. It was just a scant 20 years ago that Ronald Reagan was elected in a landslide, and all that electorate hasn't died off just yet. Even George Bush, as much as he's disappointed conservatives in the past eight years, wasn't beaten by the markedly liberal Kerry just 3 short years ago. So clearly the forces are there that can defeat Hillary.

The problem is that conservatives can be just lousy at the political game. They are not mean enough. They want to be liked too much. They accept the world view of the liberals, entering their Bizarro world of red herrings, non sequiters, and ad hominem rather than rightly attacking the Buick-sized holes in their reasoning.

And they let perfection be the enemy of progress. Already some GOP/conservatives are saying, well, if Rudy/Fred/Mitt is the nominee, I just won't vote! I'll vote third party! I'll write in Ron Paul! I'm certain they forget that very principled stand got us Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Way to go guys! Boy, that showed THEM, didn't it? Enjoying your noseless face, are you?

There is no reason Hillary Clinton's presidency should be a foregone conclusion. She's slick all right, and calculating, and a terrific politician (although I don't know why anyone would think that's an accomplishment.) But she got her power the old fashioned way - she slept with it. Once her Marxist ideas are not obscured by the Vaseline filter of a fawning press in the debates, it shouldn't be that hard to defeat her, even if she's raised a gazillion dollars.

Provided the purist conservatives have decided not to throw in the towel because our guy may not be Reagan Redux. I hope the lesson we learned from 2006 is no matter how much you may yell and scream from the sidelines, if you're not even on the field you can't influence the game.

And THAT's the Bottom Line.

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Anonymous said...

Madame, that is all well and good BUT lets review the meaning of the Term "Conservative" and why a Citizen of the US would even take up that cross. I don't recall that a "Conservative" supports Abortion and would support ANYONE that would.. ie Rudy and Mitt Romney (before he had that "Aha" moment..ie:when for some odd reason, the stem cell research issue convinced him (rather than the dead babies laying in dumpsters behind the babykilling Mills) Maybe he didnt have access to a computer or watch the Discovery Channel when they showed {with the latest technology).. these unborn babies at the very early stage of development in the womb. I would think that a "Christian" might refer to the Bible where God tells us "I knew You BEFORE you were formed in the Womb" or other countless scripture-rich quotes that should of alerted the FlipFlopping Opportunist from Massachusetts. Rudy of course is No Conservative and wont be able to debate Hillary or any other Liberal on Social Values as his positions on Abortion, GunGrabbing and ProHomosexual Rights are much the same.. or were before he had HIS "aha" moment. I wouldnt want to "Judge" but how else do we make decisions when entering the voting booth? If you believe in God, you Must have Morals and follow God's Word, in fact, you will want to and it will come natural. That, Madame is where you are having your problem, there are many many people in this county who will NOT sell their soul to win an election. Many did with GWBush in 2004 when they knew better and look where its gotten us. When a Man tells us who he is... Believe Him! Put any phoney "Conservative" in as GOP nominee and Hillary will win regardless of how smooth he is.