Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In-Fighting, Out of Line

As you may know, my opinion of Congress over the past few years has been pretty low. Didn't matter if it was a Republican or a Democrat-led Congress, I got sick of politicians doing exactly the wrong things for the country and then blaming the other side for the faults.

When Democrats came into power in Congress in 2006, there was a part of me hoping they would change the dynamic and make good on their promises to clean house and be a Congress of the people. Have they?

I believe The Who put it best: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

Since Democrats have taken control of the House and control by procedure only in the Senate, they've been very busy...blaming everyond but themselves for their failures. House Democrats from Nancy Pelosi on down have blamed Senate Democrats for their lack of action on several House bills that have been passed up to them and their failure to curtail President Bush's directives. On the other hand, Senate Democrats have criticized House Democrats for not understanding the procedural differences between the House and Senate and for gumming up the works by opposing measures that would have governed security groups like Blackwater. And both sides are crowing about what legislatives successes they've had as opposed to the other body of Congress.

But there is one thing they agree on: the Republicans are to blame for slowing things down.

I know a thing or two about leadership, and there are some things good leaders don't do. Laying blame on others for failures is one of them, and right now, Congressional Democrats are proving that they're no better than the Republicans before them were at leading. With critical issues on our plates right now and not so far down the road (like Social Security reform, alternate energy, and, oh yeah, those Muslim extremists around the world who want to kill us), we need people in office who care more about doing right by the country than by themselves. I am utterly ashamed of both major parties for not only taking part in this disgraceful act of selfishness, but for keeping it going for as long as it has. For once in your lives, live up to your responsibility of representing the people of your districts and your nation.

Democrats, stop blaming Republicans for your failures. You have the power and the ability to compromise, but you aren't doing it. Instead, you're looking and sounding like spoiled brats fighting over a toy. You're supposed to be the leaders, so start leading!

Republicans, I know you think it's cute to beat the Democrats at their own game with procedural tricks, but it's time to start reaching across the aisle. In the House, there are conservative Democrats looking for opportunities to break with their party and do right by their constitutents. This is your opportunity to do the same. Start working with these people and come up with some real bipartisanship for a change.

Then, maybe your approval ratings won't dip into single digits.

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Rachael said...

Well-said!! It would be a refreshing change. Leadership and bipartisanship would be a new and novel approach to government.