Saturday, October 13, 2007

Campaign Slogans I'd Like to See

With the 2008 Presidential election a little over a year away, we're seeing the candidates trying to promote themselves to us in the hopes of getting our votes. But something is missing: campaign slogans. I don't see too many slogans out there, and the ones that are out there aren't memorable. So, in the interest of livening up the process, I've written some campaign slogans. Enjoy!

Hillary Clinton: Because we've never had a President who knew how to cackle like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Barack Obama: If ya smelllllllll....what cookin'!

John Edwards: He knows the importance of conditioner. He knows how to lead America.

Joseph Biden: It's morning in America.

Bill Richardson: He's Hispanic! And he's Hispanic!

Christopher Dodd: Because you can't spell "doddering old fool" without Dodd.

Dennis Kucinich: With someone who looks this weird, he has to be smart!

Mike Gravel: Get a piece of this rock!

Mitt Romney: He has better hair than John Edwards.

Rudy Giuliani: He's the crossdressing man for the job!

Fred Thompson: Vote for me or I'll just glare at you for a really long time until you're creeped out.

Mike Huckabee: You like Applebee's? You'll love Huckabee!

John McCain: Still crazy after all these years.

Sam Brownback: I'll secure this country from illegal immigrants.

Duncan Hunter: No. I'll secure this country from illegal immigrants.

Tom Tancredo: Hey! Illegal immigration is my issue!

Ron Paul: Two first names as a name makes him twice the man of anyone else!


Anonymous said...

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TLindaman said...

You can post all you want, One. With every post, you prove me right about you being a liar. :-)

Stella Rondo said...

In any given week in the US,an average of 16,000 babies are killed by abortion.

When it comes to killing, no one beats the American liberal.