Monday, April 9, 2007

The I-Word

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time we discuss something we haven't had to discuss for a while, but it's of the utmost importance. We need to discuss impeachment.

Not of George W. Bush, but of Nancy Pelosi.

With her grandstanding trip to Syria to talk about the Iranian hostage situation, Madame Speaker clearly violated the Constitutional separation of powers. The Constitution gives the Senate the power to give "advice and consent" to treaties and appointments to various offices. It does not, however, give Congress the power to set or make foreign policy. Not even Article I, Section 8, which lists the powers of the Legislative Branch, makes any such claim. In fact, you'd have to stretch the "advice and consent" clause pretty far to not only cover what Pelosi did, but to cover the House and the Senate.

Granted, that may not be enough to impeach Pelosi. That's where the Logan Act comes into play. The Logan Act makes it illegal for an American citizen to communicate with a foreign country in an attempt to alter that country's behavior on matters of controversy or that are in dispute and, thus, work against the interests of the United States. The Bush Administration not only has tried to freeze any relations with Syria, but specifically told Madame Speaker not to go. In either case, her attempt to create a new foreign policy would fall under the Logan Act's jurisdiction.

A number of you reading this might be saying, "But Congress can't impeach its own members." If so, you'd be wrong. Think about it. The Constitution provides the ability to impeach the President, Vice President, or any civil official. And what would a Congressman or Congresswoman be? A civil official. Furthermore, why would the Founding Fathers set up a means to punish the Executive Branch and Judicial Branch, but leave the Legislative Branch unaccountable on matters of illegal activity? That flies in the face of what the Founding Fathers set out to do, and it won't fly when it comes to Pelosi.

Watching Demcorats try to spin Pelosi's activities brings up another i word: inconsistent. Let's not forget these are the same folks who want to impeach President Bush for following not-that-bad intelligence into war (a war Democrats were in favor of as late as 2004, I might add) and investigate him for firing 8 federal prosecutors, something the President has the authority to do in the first place. But when it comes to Madame Speaker, they're full of excuses. So much for Democrats being in favor of law and order...

As for the Republicans, I have another i word for you: incompetent. Where are the Republicans on this issue? They're letting this one slide when if the roles were reversed and it was Newt Gingrich pulling a Pelosi while Clinton was President, the Democrats would be screaming for Newt's head on a pike. But Republicans? They're content to let this one go. Even conservative talk radio and TV host Sean Hannity wants Republicans not to do anything. Ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly what the Democrats want Republicans to do: be so scared of a PR fallout that they'll let a felony go unpunished.

It's past time for Republicans to call Pelosi and the Democrats on the carpet for this little junket. If the Democrats are truly wanting to "drain the swamp" as Madame Speaker said, they'd better get on board and hold Pelosi accountable for gross abuse of power and a violation of the Logan Act. So, what's it gonna be, Democrats? Hold Pelosi accountable, or keep making excuses?

The ball's in your court. Take a stand for justice or forever hold your tongues with your calls to hold Bush accountable for his "crimes."

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USpace said...

Good one, well said, Pelosi is a total Dhimmicrat...

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God of the Universe says
push bad agendas

get away with treason
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