Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Turn Out the Lights...

No, this isn't my last blog post ever. In the old days of "Monday Night Football," Don Meredith would sing "Turn out the lights, the party's over," near the end of the game. After hearing President Bush's speech today regarding the Democrats' demand for an investigation into the firing of federal prosecutors, I'm getting the pipes ready for a Dandy Don impression.

Bush tried to act tough while surrendering to the whims of the Democrats in the hopes they'll leave him alone. His attempt to make a reasonable gesture to comply will fall on deaf ears. Why? Because the people he's trying to comply with are unreasonable! They can claim that all they want to do is "get to the bottom of this" or to "get to the truth," but in reality all they want is to score political points, one Bush Administration official at a time. They'll never stop investigating, they'll never stop questioning, and they'll never stop suggesting a Republican conspiracy to obstruct justice around every corner.

Since Democrats took back control of one house of Congress outright and close-enough-for-government-work control of the other, the Bush Administration seems to be throwing bodies to the wolves, which only makes them hungrier for more meat. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is the latest to be considered for a one way trip under the bus, and for what? For giving an opinion on what President Bush is authorized to do? It may look bad politically, but let's face facts: Bush is well within his power as President to fire those federal prosecutors for any reason. That's what winning a Presidential election allows you to do.

But instead of telling the Democrats to do something unnatural with themselves, he's playing along in the hopes they'll show him some mercy. They won't. And this milquetoast macho act from today won't help matters.

Listen, Mr. President. It's time for you to go back to being the cowboy, not the Frenchman. Here's what you should have said to the Democrats demanding hearings about the firing of those federal prosecutors.

"That's a mighty fine idea, but I have a better one. Why don't you shut your pieholes and get back to doing the job you guys said you were going to do before last November's elections? That Valerie Plame hearing you guys had in the Senate was more pointless than Kate Moss's bra and not nearly as entertaining. Oh, and while we're on the subject, read up on the separation of powers in the Constitution. I'm running this show, not you armchair generals who only sees action when that Washington, DC, madame is looking for new clients. Now, I have to go back to doing my job: winning the global war on terrorism so you guys aren't al Qaeda's prison bitches."

Unfortunately, that would require a backbone, and you've lost yours, Mr. President. Get it back while you still have the ability to counter the Democrats.

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