Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Presidents' Day!

Yes, it's finally here, the holiday everyone's been waiting for, Presidents' Day. Now, we can remember the contributions of the men who have been President, including such unforgetable luminaries like Chester Arthur, John Quincy Adams, and "Mr. Excitement" himself, Millard Filmore.

Today, I'd like to discuss one of the faux left's favorite statements against George W. Bush being the worst President ever. Quite a statement coming from the party that gave us Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson, but one they feel they have to make. If they can't beat him, they'll beat him up in the media.

Is Bush the worst President ever? I don't think so. He's not even the worst in recent memory. Sure, there are some areas where Bush needs some serious help, like the war in Iraq and illegal immigration, but by and large, Bush is doing an okay job. Could be better, could be worse. And given that some of the people we've had as President haven't been that good, doing okay is good enough to keep Bush from the worst President tag.

So, who is? Tough to say. Every President has had a decision or two that have been stinkers, and some more than others. And let's be honest here, our historical perspective isn't that great or long-lasting. We simply lack the knowledge and intellectual curiousity to put Bush in the proper perspective, so calling Bush the worst President ever is like saying "Gigli" is the worst film ever made. Granted, you could make one heck of a case, but you'd have to ignore a lot of stinkers to make that claim.

Enjoy Presidents' Day, folks!

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