Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A REAL Do-Nothing Congress

As you might have guessed from my columns, chat, and blogging, I don't have a high opinion of Congress. Back in the good old days, Congress members listened to the public and acted in the best interests of their constituents and the country. Now, members of Congress are concerned about getting reelected, getting money from special interest groups, and doing whatever it takes to expand the power they have.

Normally, I don't have a problem with a do-nothing Congress because it means they can't pass more laws that do nothing. But with the recent "all night" Senate session, we saw the concept of a do-nothing Congress taken to a new extreme. After making a big deal about rolling in cots so Senators could rest during the "all night" session, Harry Reid accomplished...nothing. Not even a non-binding resolution about how the Senate felt about string cheese or if they liked maple syrup or fruit on their waffles.

The one big question I have is how much did this charade cost us? Granted, the Senate is pretty much a salaried gig, but what about the people who rolled in the cots and rolled them back out? They get paid with federal tax dollars just like the Senators do. And from the way it sounds, some Senators left and slept at home, while others like Senator Barbara Boxer urged Reid not to make the Senators stay all night. Some stayed and played cards, others took naps, and the fires burned in the Senate for no real reason.

Where is Al Gore to lecture the Senate about all the energy wasted? We're still waiting on the Goracle to enlighten us on that, but until we hear from him, let me hand out some well-deserved criticism. If I were a Democrat right now, I would be furious at Harry Reid for this travesty of a circus. He has lead the Senate Democrats into a situation matched only by the incompetence of Nancy Pelosi in the House of Representatives.

And if I were a Republican, I'd be pretty mad at the Senate Republicans for going along with this fiasco. You guys are supposed to be fiscally responsible, and since 1995, you've all decided to become spending freaks. When Democrats can run and win on being fiscally responsible, you have a problem. And no 12 step program is going to help you.

As William Shakespeare once put it, a pox on both your houses. But as long as you are never held accountable, we'll see more of the kind of pointless action (or lack thereof) like the Senate "sleepover." But just remember, we voters put you where you are...and we can vote you out.

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