Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Live Earth Wrapup

Well, the Live Earth reviews are in, and it can be summarized in one word:


Look, I know the people who particpated in Live Earth meant well, but let's face facts. It was going to bomb one way or another because Al Gore thought of it! The man couldn't be cool if he were at Ice Station Zebra, for the love of Pete! And Live Earth pretty much proved it.

Of course, being cool wasn't the purpose of Live Earth; raising awareness of the environment was. Did it happen? Well, at $350 a ticket for the best seats at the venue and network and Internet coverage of the event...not so much. If good intentions were enough to stop the natural phenomenon that is global warming, Live Earth wouldn't have made a bit of difference because the concert at its core wasn't about doing right by Mother Earth. To get a better understanding of what Live Earth was, we have to do a brief history lesson.

During the Middle Ages, the church was corrupt and started selling what amounted to fake insurance policies to ensure deceased loved ones got into Heaven. These were called "indulgences." And thanks to Al Gore, indulgences are back in the form of carbon offsets. See, the offsets don't make you pollute any less, but they make you appear as though you do, and you pay money for that image. And what was included in the price of your ticket at Live Earth?

Carbon offsets.

Maybe Gore's trying to become Pope Self-Pious I. Either way, Live Earth didn't accomplish what it set out to do (mainly because any living sentient being already is aware of the environment by virtue of being a living sentient being) and it was boring in its lack of execution of its stated goal. In other words, a standard "victory" for the faux left, because it doesn't matter if you actually accomplish anything. You just have to feel good about the effort. And judging by who has been raving about the concert, there are a LOT of people feeling good about accomplishing nothing today.

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