Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To Tell the Truth

In a column I wrote a couple of weeks ago titled "I'm Not Apathetic. I Just Don't Give a Damn." I said that people weren't interested in the truth anymore. Some people agreed, some didn't, but the point still stands. In a world where we can craft our own reality merely by logging onto our computers and looking at what we want, truth often gets tossed aside like yesterday's newspaper or today's Air America schedule.

Of course, there are bound to be a number of you saying, "What's the problem?" The problem is that when we base our way of thinking on our perception of reality, it can lead to really bad decisions. For example, the immigration/amnesty bill making its way back through Congress right now. A Rasmussen poll showed that only 20% of Americans surveyed backed the bill. Yet, we have President Bush, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, and John McCain trying to bring it back to life after Americans shouted it down the first time? That's what we call a disconnect, boys and girls, and Democrats and Republicans in DC both have it bad.

On a more personal level, our personal perception of reality not matching up with reality can really cause personal embarassment. If you're a woman who makes Rosie O'Donnell look like Kate Moss, for the love of God DO NOT WEAR STRETCH PANTS! And for the guys who wear your favorite faded Bon Jovi t-shirt out "to impress the ladies," you don't. If anything, you prove that not only do you have no taste in clothes, but no taste in music.

Truth is one of those things we don't realize we miss until it's either gone. Today, we're losing it more quickly than we realize. So, instead of going for the truth that's easy to take, look to see if that really is the truth or just something dolled up to look like it.

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