Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sexism...from the Democrats

I was reading the Washington Post's story about Hillary Clinton getting a large percentage of the female vote in the Democrats' race for the Presidency. The findings were interesting enough, but other commentators have already jumped on that subject, so I'll avoid it for now.

What caught my eye was some of the comments made in defense of Hillary in the feedback section of the article. Eventually, a Hillary supporter trotted out a common line used to defend her: men hate strong women. Of course, no one on the board when I was reading it bothered to take on that statement.

So, let me do it here.

Some men hate strong women because it reminds them of how weak they are. But some men do not equate to all men. Most men, in my opinion, want strong women to be in their lives because it adds stability to their lives. Speaking as a man, I can tell you we men are not exactly the most consistent thinkers out there. We need women in our lives to give us balance. And that, ladies and gentlemen, requires women to be strong.

Where the Hillary backers get it wrong is by thinking modern feminists and women like Hillary are role models of strong women. They really aren't when you look at them. Men and women alike get turned off by women who complain all the time or who are unnecessarily shrill. And what do we see Hillary doing a lot? Complaining and being shrill.

So, let's put this sexist notion that men hate strong women to bed once and for all. And while we're at it, let's put away the notion that Hillary is a strong woman. Any woman who lacks the strength to divorce a cheating husband after he gets caught a bunch of times shouldn't be President of the local PTA, let alone the United States.

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