Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A New Post from Stella Rondo

Now that it looks like Hillary Clinton may be swept aside inthe presidential race, let’s look at this story’s larger implications.

Hillary was supposed to be a different kind of woman. THE Woman, the woman who would change the rules of history, who would smash the ultimate glass ceiling and enter history as proof positive that America has put its sexist past behind it and would enter the new century with new enlightened progressive leadership.

And yet, who would have heard of Hillary Clinton had it notbeen for her husband? She had a modest career as a lawyer, but nothing that a lot of lawyers haven’t had - time in a firm, cranking out the billable hours. So yes, she had some minor accomplishments on her own, but her appearance on the public scene really came with the election of her husband as governor of Arkansas. She was not lieutenant governor, nor was she a member of the governor’s cabinet. She was the governor’s wife, and as much as she may have chafed against that role, she succumbed to it for his good and, she hoped, ultimately her own.

She claims 35 years of experience “advocating” for her pet concerns. But what she calls “experience”, most women would just call “living”. What she calls “advocating”, most women would just call “talking”. Being a mother confers nothing unusual either. It is something literally billions of women have done throughout history, many with much less education and money and in more trying circumstances than she. Fighting for the rights of someone unfortunate is something that many women do frequently and without fanfare, often on a volunteer basis.

Maybe there was a devil’s bargain between Hillary and Bill. If she would overlook his personal foibles and just sacrifice for him a little longer, he would help her get what she wanted- the ultimate political prize. But it’s gone terribly awry. Surprising, considering how for years we all have heard how Hillary is smarter and shrewder and craftier than even Bill.

Which raises the specter of the Awful Truth. When all is said and done, Hillary Clinton has turned out to be just another woman who got her power the old fashioned way. She slept with it, and she married it. And her story is one of the oldest in the world. She sacrificed her life for the sake of a man, expecting love and reward in return, and was instead passed over for a younger model. A younger male model, no less.

What ultimately is extraordinary about Hillary Clinton isthat for all her protestations of experience and vision and sacrifice and service, how very, very ordinary her life really has been.


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Anonymous said...

The pathological hatred of the Clintons by America's right wing will befuddle historians for ages. It will be a couple generations before comparable historical examples will be able to be intelligently and dispassionately discussed.

Stella Rondo said...

It's not the "right wing" rejecting Hillary - it's her own base. THAT will make for the more interesting historical analysis.

Anonymous said...

Amazing clean and deeply insightful analysis into Hillary -- an woman of ordinary, mediocre accomplishment and extraordinary track record of scandal and corruption. Clinical psychologists describe such a track record as evidence of narcissistic or anti-social personality disorder (traits in common with Bill Clinton, but without Bill's con man charm).
Even Hillary's own party realizes now that the country won't buy Hillary in November if she is the nominee. Perfuming a pig doesn't make it smell any better and calling it a leader doesn't make it one.
Thanks, Stella, for another thoughtful, nay brilliant, piece. I for one look forward to your next posting.
Ray J

Anonymous said...

LOL, the bar is set pretty low if such a derivative and cliché piece is considered "brilliant."

Anonymous said...

Criticizing a piece by calling it "derivative" is about as derivative as it gets. Throw in the word "hegemony" and you've hit the left wing perfecta.

Anonymous said...

Calling Hillary "ordinary" is a sign of pathological hatred? If the author called her a ball busting, scum sucking fascist of mediocre gifts with the personality of a premenstrual viper, maybe.

But then, I have always thought that the left's opinion of themseleves and their own was far more inflated than warranted. Perhaps being ordinary IS the ultimate insult.

Anonymous said...

LOL, thanks for proving my point. There's not an original thought in the bunch.