Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Savage Nation - Savaged

I don't listen to Michael Savage that much if I can help it, mainly because I find him irritating in his absolute belief that only he knows what to do to fix America. Why do I find it irritating? Because that's my gimmick!

Tonight, I was listening to Savage tee off on Bush's speech after he vetoed a spending bill intended for the troops around the world, but that also included so much pork that Joe Lieberman and Keith Ellison couldn't vote for it because of their religious beliefs. Savage ripped into Bush at every opportunity, some of it legitimate criticism, most of it mere sniping. (And he wonders why he doesn't get invited to the White House like other talk radio hosts?) In short, Savage believed that since Bush isn't letting our soldiers kill the enemy, we should pack up and get out of Iraq.

After his tirade, he let callers weigh in. The first caller tonight agreed with Savage that the troops should be pulled out of Iraq...and stationed in the country to fight "the real war: the war on illegal immigration." Let me get this straight. We remove troops from a real war zone, one where we fight actual bad guys who want us dead, and put them back in the States to fight a mythical war against a people who want to cut our lawn? Let me spell something out to the Savage Nation here. If we lose the war on terrorism, illegal immigration is the least of our worries. Raul isn't going to behead you most likely because if he does, he's going to lose his job.

I view Michael Savage in the same light as Arianna Huffington and Pat Buchanan. The lot of them loved to talk the talk when they were rock-ribbed conservatives, but when it came to walk the walk...they walked away in favor of whatever viewpoint they needed to draw attention to themselves. And just like with Savage, Huffington and Buchanan have their blind followers who hang on their every word, regardless of whether it's true. (Hey, where can I get in on that action? I could use a few minions...)

I'm sure I'm going to get a few angry posts from Savage Nationites, and I welcome them. Just remember, Jose wants to cut your grass, and Ackbar wants to cut your head off. Kinda puts the whole immigration issue into perspective, doesn't it?

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